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Copy of Registries, Reimagined.
Registries Reimagined: See Registries in a new light

Expand your mind! Discover innovative, exciting new ways to implement any of our registry models to support your use cases throughout the product lifecycle.

Spark your ideas and imagination! 

  Hear about:

  • RWE trends - now and what's on the horizon, with Dr. Amrit Ray 
  • Use registry data as external control arms to better support clinical trials, especially for rare conditions
  • Our unique site network can help you to optimize registry implementations
  • The NEXT era of Patient Powered Registries leveraging Direct-to-Patient (DtP) collection modalities
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 About Patient Powered Registries

CorEvitas designs and implements fit-for-purpose observational registries providing clinically-rich, longitudinal real-world data (RWD) that are >98% complete, and leveraging direct-to-patient and hybrid approaches.

With over 20+ years of registry experience and over 150 epidemiologists, statisticians, and pharmacovigilance experts, our deep scientific knowledge and broad operational expertise answer crucial clinical, regulatory, and commercial questions including patient journey, market segmentation, participant preference, and treatment satisfaction.

How can we help?

CorEvitas offers an industry-leading multidisciplinary team, direct access to rich data sets, and advanced technology. By integrating these capabilities, we can fully support the bespoke needs of our customers in this area, by delivering unique value and ultimately improving access and uptake of their treatments to transform the lives of RA disease patients and their families.